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Master’s programs can be challenging to manage because every school operates differently - we help you make sense of each program’s process.

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Start early: research programs and make a plan

Each master’s program follows a different application process. Be sure to do your research so that nothing comes as a surprise down the road.
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Make a standardized test preparation plan

Depending on the program, you may need to provide test scores with your application (most likely the GRE). Familiarize yourself with the format of the exam and official resources, and start examining the gaps in your knowledge.
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Craft and polish your applications

Writer’s block stops here. Our uniquely structured writing process guides you to a full set of application materials ready to stand out.
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Request letters of recommendation

Many programs require letters of recommendation. Your coach will help you select recommenders and prepare any additional information needed.
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Prepare for your interviews

Some programs include an interview in their process.  Your coach will help craft your message and rehearse responses with you, so that you showcase the best version of yourself on interview day.
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Coach spotlight

We are dynamic coaches who think strategically about helping our students gain admission into the most selective programs. As a prerequisite, we only work with coaches who have attended the top institutions. But, we also look for experienced editors, smart project managers, and tactical thinkers.

Meet everyone

We are dynamic coaches who think strategically about helping our students gain admission into the most selective programs. As a prerequisite, we only work with coaches who have attended the top institutions. But, we also look for experienced editors, smart project managers, and tactical thinkers.


Susan studied English at Rice and graduated summa cum laude. After serving in Teach for America, she earned her PhD in English at Harvard. She has held faculty positions at Wake Forest and Yale and currently lives in London.


Elliot earned his BS in Biology at MIT, and his MSc by Research in Clinical Medicine on a Rhodes Scholarshop at Oxford University. Currently, he is an MD/PhD student in the the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program.


Rehana holds a PhD in Mathematics (Wesleyan). She has been faculty at several institutions, including Olin College and Harvard, where she recieved the Mentor of the Year Award from the Harvard Graduate Women in Science & Engineering.

Anna S.

Anna holds a PhD in Slavic Languages and Literature (Harvard), an MA in Slavic Languages and Literature (MA), a BA in History and Philology (Russian State University) and a BA in Fine Arts (Pushkin State Museum Art College).

Amulya M.

Amulya is an Anthropology PhD candidate at Harvard University. She earned her Bachelor's in Anthropology from University of Chicago, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa.

Allison H.

Allison recieved an MPhil in Modern Eastern Studies from University of Oxford and graduated from Williams College with a BA in Arabic Studies. Currently, she is a Center for Arabic Study Abroad Fellow.

Kate R.

At Columbia, Kate earned a BA in American History & African Studies (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa). After completing a Fulbright, they earned a JD from Yale Law. Currently, Kate is a PhD candidate in History at Yale.


Ash earned a BA in Social Studies (Harvard), an MPhil in Intellectual History and Political Thought (University of Cambridge), and a JD (Yale). He is currently a PhD candidate in Political Science at Columbia University.

Daniel Be.

Daniel is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine and author of 5 books of literary nonfiction. He holds an MFA in Fiction (Columbia University), and has taught at Saint Ann's School, Columbia University, and elsewhere.

Sarah Y.

Sarah graduated from Brown with a BA in History & International Relations. She currently attends the University of Hong Kong and the University of Pennsylvania, where she is a History PhD candidate.

Mariam R.

Mariam is a PhD candidate in Comp Lit at UCLA and a Fiction MFA student at Columbia. She earned her BA in Comp Lit from Princeton (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and MSt in Islamic Art and Archaeology, with distinction, from Oxford.

Meghan M.

Meghan an MPhil student in Islamic Art and Archaelogy at Oxford. She holds an MA in Buddhist Art (Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London) and a BA in Art History and International Affairs (George Washington).

Avery W.

Avery holds a BA in Public Policy & Global Health from Duke, and an MPH from Johns Hopkins. After working for Clinton Health Access Initiative, she's now earning her MBA at the University of Michigan.

Ellen S.

Ellen majored in English at Williams College and received her PhD in English from Duke University. She teaches American Literature in the History & Literature department at Harvard University.

Morgan B.

Morgan holds Masters' degrees in Maritime Archaeology (University of Southampton) and European History (University College London). She is a member of the Oceangate Titanic Expedition scientific team.


Adrienne received her English PhD from Harvard University, her MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and her BA from Princeton University. She is a nonfiction writer and poet, and teaches in the Writing Program at Princeton University.

Daniel Fr

Daniel is a PhD candidate in Chinese History at UC Berkeley. He holds a BA in English & French literature and Chinese language (University of Texas), a JD (Yale Law), and an MA in Sinology (University of London).

Alexandra R.

Alex received her PhD from Harvard University in Clinical Science and her BA in Clinical Psychology from Tufts University. Currently, she is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stress and Development Lab at Harvard.

Grey A.

Grey received his BA in English from Reed College, and his MA in French and his PhD in History from Yale. His dissertation, published in French in 2017 and under contract in English with Verso Books, examines the military coup that returned General Charles de Gaulle to power.

Emily F.

Emily is a PhD candidate at Columbia University in Religious Studies. She teaches Western and East Asian philosophy classes at SUNY Purchase, where she earned her BA in philosophy.

Wyatt S.

Wyatt holds an AB from Kenyon College and an MA from NYU, both in English. He's currently a PhD student in Harvard's English department.

Meet everyone


“Amanda was exceptional and helped me to condense down my thoughts into a logical coherent essay. She made sure to teach me how and why to change something instead of just changing it, which helped me to become a better writer overall. The Cambridge Coaching team always responded quickly to my emails and helped to guide me through the entire process. I am going to recommend Cambridge Coaching to all of my colleagues and friends.”

SamuelGraduate Admissions

“Max was very helpful in all aspects of the process! He helped me brainstorm and edit my personal statement, provided a lot of helpful readings and resources for inspiration, and was very attentive and accommodating to my schedule. Max was always positive and did his best to answer any questions and feedback. I am very pleased with my experience. Everyone at Cambridge Coaching was really kind and prompt in responding. I will be contacting Cambridge Coaching again for any future needs!”

TiffanyGraduate Admissions


We’ve created plans for those looking for help on just one part of the process, and those looking for help on all of it.

Choose a Tutor Tier

Hourly rate

1 Hour

All of our tutoring is available on an hourly basis. If you're not sure how much tutoring you'll need or when you plan to test, you can enroll in our "pay as you go" option.

$ 120

$ 160

$ 240

$ 290

First Time Package

3 Hours

The is an opportunity to meet your coach and get started on your applications. Depending on where you are in the process, we may cover your school selection, recommendations, strategic positioning, and/or personal statement outlines.

$ 360

$ 480

$ 720

$ 870

Basic Package

20 Hours 5% OFF

This package is specifically geared towards the applicant's statement of purpose and CV. It generally allows for regular meetings throughout the process, as well as remote feedback and editing on application materials by your coach. Represents our best estimate; students may need more or less time with their coach.

$ 2280 You save $120

$ 3040 You save $160

$ 4560 You save $240

$ 5510 You save $290

Comprehensive Package

40 Hours 10% OFF

For applicants who want to go through the process in the most efficient, effective way, this package represents our comprehensive approach to admissions. Your coach will manage your process start to finish, including tactical advice around professional positioning. We can also customize this package for you based on your specific needs.

$ 4320 You save $480

$ 5760 You save $640

$ 8640 You save $960

$ 10440 You save $1160

Tutor Tiers

We have 4 tiers of coaches. The coach’s tier is based on the experience level of the coach with our team. All coaches begin working with Cambridge Coaching at the Standard tier.

  • Standard

    0-150 hours

  • Senior

    150-200 hours

  • Guru

    250-300 hours

  • Master

    350+- hours

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