High School Science and Technology

From the Krebs cycle to kinematics, we're here to make science your strong suit.

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Embrace the science at the core of our lives.

We work with students on core high school science requirements, standardized tests, and other extremely cool science and technology topics for school, just for fun, or both.

Core High School Science

Computer Science

Standardized Tests

AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Physics I and II
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles

Additional Topics

Marine Biology
If your child is interested in learning a science topic that you don’t see listed here, check out our College Sciences page or reach out to us. No topic is too advanced for our team. Likewise, if you believe your child requires science remediation, please don’t hesitate to reach out either - we work with many students on foundational skills and conquering academic phobia.

Tutor spotlight

We are a cooperative of thinkers––physicists, biologists, chemists, computer scientists, engineers, and so many more--who provide exceptional one-on-one tutoring and academic support to our students.

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“Joan has been working with my daughter for two years, and has completely transformed her work ethic through effective time management techniques and study habits. Joan has a strong background in science and has gone above and beyond. On top of the academic help she provides, Joan gives her ideas for resources and summer programs, helps her write emails and cover letters, and proofreads her applications. Joan has instilled a new sense of ambition and confidence in my daughter, inspiring her to aim higher and giving her the skills she needs to do so. Above all, Joan has made her excited to learn and do work. She is incredibly supportive and kind, and my daughter is so lucky to have her.”

Parent of Science and Technology Student

“We are forever grateful for Cambridge Coaching! Casey was the brightest spot of our son's chemistry course. She completely shifted our son's confidence and helped him believe in himself and his abilities in chemistry. He received a superb final grade and an excellent SAT Subject Test score. Most importantly, Casey helped our son develop a love of chemistry. We could not have asked for more. ”

ParentHigh School Chemistry

“Thanks to Cambridge Coaching's support, I received 5's on my AP Tests (Physics Mechanics, Physics E&M, Calculus BC, Computer Science A), and earned A's in both physics and calculus, finishing off my transcript with a 4.00 GPA. Apart from the scores, I've walked away from this year with an incredible amount of understanding of the material I learned, and have already begun to use my knowledge in my summer program. Thank you very very much for all your help and support! ”

GarretHigh School Science


We’ve created structured, yet flexible pricing plans that offer everything your child needs to succeed in their classes.

Choose a Tutor Tier

Hourly Rate

1 Hour

All of our tutoring is priced on an hourly basis, and most academic tutoring sessions are 90 minutes. If you're not sure how much tutoring your child will need, you can enroll in our "pay as you go" option.

$ 120

$ 160

$ 240

$ 290

First Time Package

4.5 Hours

We require a first-time minimum commitment of three 90 minute sessions due to the significant amount of preparation that tutors do in advance of the first few sessions. This initial package is a good way for your child to get their feet wet, evaluate the amount of tutoring they'll ultimately need, and see if they feel comfortable with their tutor.

$ 540

$ 720

$ 1080

$ 1305

Ten Sessions

15 Hours 5% OFF

An opportunity to deepen your child's understanding and comfort with their classes, with more flexibility to cover content, essential skills, and exam preparation.

$ 1710 You save $90

$ 2280 You save $120

$ 3420 You save $180

$ 4133 You save $217

Twenty Sessions

30 Hours 10% OFF

A comprehensive approach to tackling a class, providing ample time and space for your child to absorb material, master the ropes of the subject, and get comfortable with assignments and exams.

$ 3240 You save $360

$ 4320 You save $480

$ 6480 You save $720

$ 7830 You save $870

Tutor Tiers

We have 4 tiers of coaches. The coach’s tier is based on the experience level of the coach with our team. All coaches begin working with Cambridge Coaching at the Standard tier.

  • Standard

    0-150 hours

  • Senior

    150-200 hours

  • Guru

    250-300 hours

  • Master

    350+- hours

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