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Student Support Coordinator

who we are & who we aren't

We are a company dedicated to teaching. Founded in 2005 by PhD candidates at Harvard, we offer online tutoring to students of all ages. We have grown every year that we've been in operation. How? By pursuing our basic mission of providing the highest quality services to our students, while creating a fair and positive environment for the most talented fleet of tutors in the world.

Cambridge Coaching began as a group of friends who also happened to be Harvard and MIT PhDs. We have never been a large corporation. Rather, we are a cooperative of physicists, historians, economists, literary critics, business scholars, chemists, sociologists, lawyers, linguists, biologists, and mathematicians who provide exceptional one-on-one tutoring, academic support, and admissions coaching to our students. We do not advertise heavily and most of our business still comes by word of mouth. We like our students, and we think our students like us. Many of the students with whom we work have been with us for years. We believe in academic mentorship. We also believe that the best mentors are inspirational role models: scholars, thought leaders, and world changers.

Our roster of tutors and admissions coaches is managed by a small administrative team with deeply held values: We care more about our tutors and students, and each other, than our bottom line. We care more about teaching and learning than about sales. We care more about fairness for everyone involved in our enterprise than about a quick buck. 

what you get when you work with us

  • A mission-driven tutoring company dedicated to helping tutors and students reach their goals, and to delivering our services with a no-bullshit, transparent attitude.
  • A cool brand. You will have the opportunity to help build and market a quirky, fresh brand that stands out in the education world.
  • A super exciting, fast-growing, fast-paced business environment. Help us scale.
  • Autonomy and creativity. We don’t want you in a box. We want you to be creative, interesting, and entrepreneurial, so we’ll give you as much latitude as you need to be those things.
  • The most crazy brilliant and interesting people around. Our team of tutors is composed of doctoral candidates at the world’s leading institutions, as well as: rocket scientists, writers and artists, entrepreneurs, you name it. Can’t do much better for colleagues.
  • A small and supportive administrative team that always has each other's back. 

the job

Managing a growing number of students and applicants is a big job, one which takes empathy, impeccable communication skills, and work ethic. The position is part sales, part customer service, part administrative support, and part student advisor — a Student Support Coordinator is expected to intake students, explain how our services work, and (this is important) advise them on the best next steps depending on their needs. After a student is matched with a tutor or coach, the coordinator is responsible for overseeing the relationship and tracking student and applicant outcomes.

As Student Support Coordinator, you’ll be interfacing directly with students every day and facilitating their relationships with tutors, from initial outreach through to their final sessions. You’ll report to the Director of Student Support and work closely with the Student Support Team, enabling new student-tutor relationships and ensuring positive longitudinal outcomes. The Coordinator is also an administrative support role, requiring quickness, excellent communication skills and interpersonal intuitions, as well as impeccable organization. You’ll manage a substantial volume of daily email, phone calls, and transactions, while also plugging into longer term projects in business development, marketing, content management, and curriculum design — as you settle into the role, you’ll expand it, using your skills to contribute to the company vision.

The role is dynamic. Because we’re growing quickly as a company, we’re also changing quickly, and we’re eager to work with folks who don’t mind a little change as well. The ages, interests, and volume of the students and parents can shift seasonally and over time. Our team also evolves to meet the challenges of new scale. You should be comfortable and happy changing hats often. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly — we find this work really meaningful, and we hope that you do too. The company and its coaches are deeply invested in the crazy special thing that happens when a student meets a mentor who believes in them, invests in them, and helps nudge them closer to their academic and career goals. 

who you are

  • You’re a deeply empathetic person who listens, speaks, and writes with intention
  • You’re detail-oriented, careful, and incredibly well organized
  • You hold a BA at a minimum, but MAs and PhDs welcomed with open arms
  • You’re trustworthy and reliable, 100%
  • You’re a people person and team player — you find ways to celebrate and encourage others in your day-to-day
  • You don’t mind a little elbow grease — you’ll finish the job even if that means backend maintenance or data entry
  • You’re patient, slow to anger, and quick to make a joke

go from A to A+

  • Experience in educational advising, higher ed, client management, and/or administrative support
  • A knowledge of high-stakes admissions processes (college, medical, business, and law) and an interest in higher ed 
  • Comfort with data management through Excel, Hubspot and/or analogues
  • Experience in (or a desire to learn!) marketing, content management, curricular design, accounting and bookkeeping, operations management — all definitely A+

nuts & bolts

  • Salary commensurate with experience ($60 - $80K)
  • Full benefits (including medical, dental, and vision)
  • Full time (9 am - 6 pm EST)
  • Largely remote, with semi-monthly in-person days in New York
  • New York City based preferred, but not required
  • Flexible start date

to apply

Please send cover letter and resume to