Watch the College Admissions Webinar

The College Admission Webinar

Welcome to your crash course on navigating the process in 2022.

Why is the college admissions process so different now than 10 years ago, 5 years ago, even 2 years ago? What are the right ways to approach standardized tests, extracurricular activities during Covid, academics and teacher recommendations, summers, financial aid... ? We don’t have all the answers to all these questions because many of them depend on you and your family. But, we are able to help you start navigating this process with three big-picture webinars intended to clarify and demystify the college admissions process. Welcome to your crash course on college admissions in 2022.

Why your child's college admissions process is not the one you may remember

A primer on the vocabulary and timelines of today's college admissions process

Financial aid and the college process

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