Our story

In 2005, I was a graduate student in Harvard’s English department. A few friends in the department tutored standardized test prep, and referred students to me for application support. In this way, I started working with students on their application essays.

I worked with students on MBA applications, law school applications, med school applications, and a host of others: MPA, MPH, Psy.D, PA. I worked on a lot of seemingly very different applications, but the heart of the task was always the same: my students were striving towards challenging goals, giving meaningful shape to their professional lives, and building arguments for why they were fit for their chosen paths. I found this process pretty thrilling.

It’s safe to say that Cambridge Coaching was born out of my naiveté. In the beginning, there were a few of us, all friends, doing English PhDs, and it made sense to us, because we were friends, that the tutor would earn the majority of the fee we charged. I didn’t know at the time that this was unheard of, and ran exactly counter to how the industry typically functioned. Actually, I didn’t know there was an industry per se.

What started out as just basic common sense — that a tutoring company was only as good as its tutors — has turned into our core mission. We believe in our tutors and students more than our bottom line, about teaching and learning more than sales. Above all, we believe in cultivating meaningful tutor-student relationships, and we believe in the magic of mentoring.

We’ve grown since 2005, not just in terms of how many tutors choose to affiliate with us and how many students we serve, but also in how carefully we structure and pressure-test our approaches. We’ve had a chance to see what works and what doesn’t work, who is a good fit for whom, and why certain relationships we facilitate really go the distance. Best of all, we’ve been around long enough that some of our students have come back around as tutors.

Along the way, I completed my dissertation, married one of my tutor-friends, had two children, and moved to Brooklyn. One thing remains true: I still find the process pretty thrilling.

Thank you for visiting us here. We can’t wait to hear your dreams.