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A young girl wearing a backpack sits on a seesaw with a book on the other end.

Middle school is the leap from childhood to young adulthood, from addition to exponents, from Where the Sidewalk Ends to Little Women. A thoughtful mentor can nurture this transformation, and make school cool along the way.

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What we do

A tutor balances a stack of books on one finger while her student cheers.
A tutor balances a stack of books on one finger while her student cheers.

Thoughtful, qualified mentors

Our coaches are lifelong learners who are passionate about teaching and learning within their fields. They’re not just the most qualified tutors, they’re also a deeply invested group of role models for middle school kids. 

Two people chat animatedly with speech bubbles over their heads.
Two people chat animatedly with speech bubbles over their heads.

A holistic approach

We’ll match your child with someone who cares about them - who they are and who they might become, where they’ve been and where they might go next.

Two people wave to each other from afar.
Two people wave to each other from afar.

An emphasis on enrichment

Middle school is a time when kids figure out what kind of learners they are. Our tutors are committed to both academic support and academic enrichment, ensuring that your child has all the tools they need for their years of school ahead.

A woman reads a book while atop a teetering stack of books.
A woman reads a book while atop a teetering stack of books.

Best-in-class standardized test preparation

Standardized tests are the bogeys of the education world. Whether your child dreads test taking or doesn’t quite know what to make of it yet, we will construct a tailored plan that works specifically for them.

Two people examine a tangled timeline above their heads.
Two people examine a tangled timeline above their heads.

Comprehensive, A-to-Z high school admissions support

We help create a coherent, structured timeline for the entire process, as well as match your child with the best coaches for the test preparation, academics and admissions.

Tutor spotlight

We are a cooperative of dedicated educators who provide exceptional one-on-one tutoring and mentorship to our students.

Meet everyone

We are a cooperative of dedicated educators who provide exceptional one-on-one tutoring and mentorship to our students.


Colleen earned a PhD and MA from Harvard University in History, an MA in Modern European History from St Andrews, and a BA in History and Art History from University of Notre Dame. Currently, she is a researcher at Johns Hopkins.

Graham V.

Graham holds an MD (Vanderbilt University Medical School) and MBA (Harvard Business School). He earned his BS from MIT in Materials Science & Engineering. Currently, he is an Emergency Medicine Resident at Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Jonathan W.

Jonathan is an MPA student at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. He earned his Bachelor's from Tufts University, where he double-majored in Politcal Science and Economics.

Julia P.

Julia holds a BA from Princeton University in English Literature, with certificates in Theater and Music Theater. Her thesis won the Alan Downer prize for research in English and drama. Currently, she works in theatrical costuming.

Paul W.

Paul holds a BA in History (Yale) and MA in Global Affairs (Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University). A recipient of the Fulbright and Schwarzman Fellowships, Paul is currently a Presidential Management Fellow in Washington DC.


Charlotte holds an MA in Hispanic Studies from Brown University and a BA in English and Spanish from Oxford University. She is a recipient of the Kossoff Prize for Leadership in Language Teaching.


Troy graduated from Yale with a BA in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. After serving in Teach for America, he attended Harvard Law. Currently, Troy works for an education technology startup focused on preparing students for college.

Alexander V.

Alex earned his Master's in Musicology from Oxford University and his Bachelor's, with a double major in in Mathematics and Music, from Harvard University. He has been tutoring students for over eight years.


Ash earned a BA in Social Studies (Harvard), an MPhil in Intellectual History and Political Thought (University of Cambridge), and a JD (Yale). He is currently a PhD candidate in Political Science at Columbia University.

Daniel Be.

Daniel is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine and author of 5 books of literary nonfiction. He holds an MFA in Fiction (Columbia University), and has taught at Saint Ann's School, Columbia University, and elsewhere.

Sarah Y.

Sarah graduated from Brown with a BA in History & International Relations. She currently attends the University of Hong Kong and the University of Pennsylvania, where she is a History PhD candidate.

Mariam R.

Mariam currently teaches at UCLA in English and Comparative Literature, after earning her PhD there. She's also a Fiction MFA student at Columbia. She earned her BA in Comp Lit from Princeton (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and MSt in Islamic Art and Archaeology, with distinction, from Oxford.


Joy is an MD/PhD candidate at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She earned a BS (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology) and BA (Anthropology) from Brown, and completed a postbacc fellowship at the National Cancer Institute.

Natalia Ic.

Natalia received her BA in History from the City College of New York. She went on to earn a Master's of Science in General and Special Childhood Education at the Bank Street College of Education.

Tess D.

Tess earned her BA in Psychology at Harvard College. After a few years working in entertainment, she's now pursuing a Master's in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University's Teachers College.

Morgan B.

Morgan holds Masters' degrees in Maritime Archaeology (University of Southampton) and European History (University College London). She is a member of the Oceangate Titanic Expedition scientific team.


Adrienne received her English PhD from Harvard University, her MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and her BA from Princeton University. She is a nonfiction writer and poet, and teaches in the Writing Program at Princeton University.

Cassandra G.

Cassandra attended UVA on a four-year, full cost of attendance scholarship with a double major in Human Biology and Spanish. After graduating in May 2020, she went straight into the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, with dreams of becoming an adult or pediatric oncologist.

Alice Wa.

Alice studied English Literature at Wellesley College and graduated cum laude with honors. Currently, Alice is studying at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, specializing in Teaching and Curriculum. She's conducting her practicum at Arlington High School, where she teaches 9th grade English.

Juliet R.

Juliet studied Playwriting and Biology at Northwestern University with a focus on Biochemistry and Biophysics. She worked for several years as a research scientist after graduation, eventually pursuing an MS in Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern

Sarah R.

Sarah graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude with an Honors English degree from Bates. After taking her Fulbright Scholarship to teach ESL in the Czech Republic, she began her Masters of Arts in Teaching at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.


Bex majored in theatre and minored in creative writing at Northwestern University, graduating summa cum laude. After settling in Chicago, Bex won a prestigious Luminarts Cultural Foundation fellowship in creative writing. They are now an MFA candidate at Hamline University, where they study writing for children and young adults.

Eddy Y.

Eddy graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and a minor in Marketing/Psychology. Eddy went on to get his teaching certification in secondary mathematics from Penn’s Graduate School of Education and currently works as a middle and high school math teacher in South Philadelphia.


Baoqing was born and raised in Beijing, where she graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University with a BA in English, before moving to the US in 2014. In the US, Baoqing taught at the Western Michigan University before getting her MA in teaching Chinese at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Baoqing is currently a lecturer of Chinese at Boston University.

Helen G.

Helen graduated magna cum laude from Brandeis University with a dual degree in International/Global Studies and French/Francophone Studies, as well as a minor in East Asian Studies. After working in Shanghai, China for 5 years, she returned to Massachusetts to pursue her Masters of Education in Human Development and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Elisabeth attended Cornell University, majoring in Communication and minoring in Human Development and Fine Art. After graduating magna cum laude, she is now a PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University.


Nadja graduated from The Dalton School early, moving on to earn her BA in Psychology at Yale University, cum laude. Nadja was recently selected as a Fulbright Scholar and will serve in Kenya as an English teacher for high school and university students.


Raphael attended Yale University, where he earned a BA in Musicology and graduated cum laude. After Yale, he completed a Masters of Music in Voice and Opera at McGill University, while tutoring math privately outside of his classical training.

Meet everyone


“Tess helped our son study for the ISEE but did so much more than just the practical study methods used by most ISEE tutors. Tess developed an impressively deep understanding of our son’s strengths and weaknesses as a test taker and a student. She taught our son life skills and managed to bring his scores up so dramatically that he ended up with a one-and-done test experience—instead of ongoing months of studying and retesting. Throughout the time our son worked with Tess, she increased our son’s self-esteem and gave him both the knowledge and belief in himself to do well on the ISEE—and it is not an exaggeration to say, also in life. ”


“Isaac brings a rare humanity and care to his work. Our 7th grade son had always loved and done well math until he had the wrong teacher. Isaac has rehabilitated our son's confidence and excitement about the subject, and his performance in the class has improved demonstrably.”


“Jonathan was brilliant. He organized tutorials well, made sure my daughter had a clear handle on the concepts, and communicated clearly to both my daughter and me what he was doing (and why). She was very motivated to complete the assignments he gave her and prepared for each session. I knew Cambridge Coaching would be the best place to find a tutor for my daughter but even so, the results exceeded my expectations. ”


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