How it works

Here’s what you can expect from our MBA Admissions service.

Many of our prospective clients request a candidacy assessment, which is a complimentary opportunity to talk to a member of our staff about your business school application process.
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After aligning on your candidacy, we get to work matching you with a coach who best fit your specific requirements. Depending on where you are in the process, we will match you with an MBA expert, a professional writer, or both!
Match me with a coach
Your coach helps you bucket your school list, choose recommenders, and articulate the major headlines of your application. Since most schools have three application periods, but take the majority of students in rounds 1 and 2, your coach will also help you make a smart decision about which round to target.
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Your coach guides you through a structured writing process that highlights the strengths of your personal, professional, and academic history. Through brainstorming and a series of drafts, you will develop compelling, effective narratives tailored to each school on your list. You then use this work as a jumping off point to develop and rehearse a compelling interview performance. Your coach helps you identify, memorize and deliver your key interview messages.
You can expect your Student Support Manager to coordinate your services, and stay in touch throughout your relationship to make sure you are on track. Of course, we love hearing from clients unprompted, too!
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